Emergency Response Communications

After the Meeting Resources . . .

   If you attended the March 5th meeting, please take about 3 minutes to fill out a survey.  This will help us improve the meetings in the future.  The link is below.  Thank you.


   All related links below are items that were presented at the meeting.  In addition, there are some helpful items that are described.  Feel free to download these items for your use.

Power Point Presentation

   Click on the link below for the Power Point Presentation that was shown at the main meeting.  Please be aware that this file is about 16 MB in size.


Existing Simplex Frequencies

   The link below is a Word document which lists the existing simplex frequencies and the possible changes that may be made to accommodate digital operations.  If approved, this will affect which simplex frequencies we choose for our use.  At this time, this is a proposal only.  However, as we discussed in the meeting, if you choose a simplex frequency for ward or stake nets that has a check mark next to it, that frequency will not be affected by the change, if the change takes place.  If the change doesn't take place, it will still be a good frequency.

Link -  http://ercinfo.webs.com/Existing%20Simplex%20Frequencies.doc

All of the presenters at the meeting have submitted various handouts that may have been provided at the meeting.  Following are those handouts, plus other documents that may be of interest to you.

Helpful information from Richard Wheeler, AI6RW

Richard's website at http://www.wheeler.com/ai6rw/  has 3 separate URL's.  The first shows the plans for Richard's famous 100 watt Off-Center Fed (Windom) HF Wire Antenna.  The second URL is for the high power (1500 watt) Windom antenna.  The third URL is a 74 page tutorial of multi-band dipoles.  Thanks, Richard for your tireless work on these great antennas.

Helpful files from Steve Smilanick, KI6RXL

The following are informational items that are described and for your use. 

Thank you Steve.

   The link below is called Basics of Ham Radio - This 7 page Word document has some very basic subjects, such as the idea of listening first on a frequency before transmitting, what repeaters are and how to use them, what nets are, the idea of not using CB lingo, the Phonetic Alphabet, radio etiquette basics and frequently used terms on the air.


   The link below, called 2 Meter Channelized Frequencies, is a 5 page Word Document, listing repeater frequencies, simplex frequencies and lists some frequencies used for ERC nets.


   The link below, called Coax Table, is a 1 page Excel document, which shows the amount of wattage that gets to the antenna, depending on the number of watts that the radio emits, the length of the coax and the type of coax.  This is the reverse of normal tables, which usually shows the power loss - not the wattage loss.

   The next 3 files which are 1 page PDF files, are basically a cheat sheet for programming 3 of the most popular radios that are purchased by beginning hams.  The radios are:

Yeasu FT-270, a 2 meter handheld - http://ercinfo.webs.com/FT%20270%20Handheld%20Basics%20rev%2001.pdf

Yeasu FT-2800, a 65 watt 2 meter mobile - http://ercinfo.webs.com/FT%202800%20Mobile%20Basics%20rev%2001.pdf

Yeasu FT-2900, a 75 watt 2 meter mobile - http://ercinfo.webs.com/FT%202900%20Mobile%20Basics%20rev%2001.pdf

   The next 2 downloads are 1 page pictures about the PowerPole connector.  PowerPole is a DC power connector, which has become the defacto standard for EmComm amateur operators.  If the need arises, you can integrate your equipment with others' and, when using the same power connectors, you can use their power or they can use yours - all with the assurance that the same connectors will be used, and with the proper polarity - if they are assembled correctly.  The first picture shows how to properly align a positive and negative connector.  The second picture shows the proper part of a crimper to be used, depending on the amperage size of the connector.

PowerPole Contact Alignment - http://ercinfo.webs.com/Power%20Pole%20contact%20alignment.jpg

PowerPole Crimper - http://ercinfo.webs.com/Power%20Pole%20crimper.jpg

   Steve has found a site that lists all the repeaters in the U.S.  It is at http://www.repeaterbook.com/  To use this site, click on 'Repeater Database' then click on California on the map, then click on 2M (for 2 Meters).  The list will be sorted by frequency, but can also be listed by Call Sign, PL, Location and County.

   I hope these resources are helpful to you.

Files from Edison Fong, WB6IQN

   Ed's DB-1 and DB-2 antennas were a hit at the ERC meeting.  The expertly assembled units were sold for a very reasonable price of $20.  Ed has graciously extended his offer for the same price, plus $2 postage for anyone who didn't get a chance to purchase one at the meeting.  He also warrantees his antennas for life.  If yours fails, return it to Ed and he will repair yours or send you a new one.  You can't beat that.  You can contact him at edison_fong@hotmail.com

   Listed below are the specification sheets for each antenna model.  Below that are 2 articles taken from the QST Magazine about these two great antennas.

DBJ-1 (Roll-up) - http://ercinfo.webs.com/DBJ-1_spec.doc

DBJ-2 (Encased in PVC Pipe) - http://ercinfo.webs.com/dbj-2_spec.doc

February 2003 QST Article about the DBJ-1 Antenna - http://ercinfo.webs.com/dbj1_arrl%20February%2003%20Article.pdf

March 2007 QST Article about the DBJ-2 Antenna - http://ercinfo.webs.com/dbj2_arrl%20March%2007%20Article.pdf

Files from John Biery, KJ6AXP

   John has graciously provided several documents.  Some are written to describe general emergency preparedness and others are for emergency communications specifically.  They are described, and the page length is shown.

Zero to Sixty in a Year - 2 page Word - http://ercinfo.webs.com/0-60_In_a_Year_(revised).doc

Sample Stake Communication Plan - 1 page Word - http://ercinfo.webs.com/Stake%20Comm%20Plan%20(1%20Pg%20example).doc

Stake Emergency Communication Plan - 2 page Word - http://ercinfo.webs.com/2%20Page%20-%20Stake%20Emergency%20Communication%20Plan.doc

Roseville Stake ERC Handbook - 24 page Word - http://ercinfo.webs.com/Stake%20Emergency%20Comm%20Handbook%20(March%202011).doc

Emergency Preparation Quotes - 6 page Word - http://ercinfo.webs.com/Emergency%20Prep%20Quotes.doc

Responsibilities of a Ward ERC Specialist - 1 page Word - http://ercinfo.webs.com/Attributes_of_a_Ward_Emergency_Response_Communication_Specialist_rev__051.doc

Why the Saints Must Prepare - 6 page Word - http://ercinfo.webs.com/Why%20the%20Saints%20Must%20Prepare%20(JB%205th%20Sunday%20Lesson%201-31-10).doc

LDS Preparedness Manual - 295 page PDF (3.8 MB) - http://ercinfo.webs.com/Roseville%20California%20Stake%20LDS%20Prep%20Manual%20(1-21-11).pdf

Meeting with Families to Set Up a Family Food Storage - 3 page Word - http://ercinfo.webs.com/Meeting%20with%20Families%20(to%20help%20them%20set%20up%20a%20Food%20Storage%20Plan).doc