Emergency Response Communications

The following links were either shown at the 2010 meeting or recommended to be made available for your convenience.

Key Activities for the Emergency Communicator

General Considerations When Working with Priesthood Leaders

Antennas mentioned - Diamond, Slim Jim and Richard's End Fed Antenna

There are 3 antennas mentioned here.  Please note the numbers 1), 2), and 3) 

The two antennas mentioned below are the ones that Steve showed in the chapel toward the end of the meeting. 

1)  The roll-up Slim Jim antennas:

On eBay
Seller: n9tax
Price: $23.00 plus $5.00 shipping.
Title: VHF Slim Jim J-Pole For HT 2 Meter Antenna 16' Coax
Or do a search on eBay for:   slim jim antenna   and you will have
several models come up.

Specifications: This antenna comes with 16 feet of Belden double shield
RG-58 Coax cable and your choice of SMA, BNC or UHF connector

Link to eBay sale:

Individual purchases can also be made on-line at http://www.2wayelectronix.com/

For those wanting to make quantity purchases, send e-mail to:
"Joseph F Krajacic II"
Price: $21 per vhf antenna w/16' coax for orders of 10 or more with free

I have sent payment in advance using PayPal and he has always shipped on
time or before and everything has gone very smooth. He (Joe N9TAX) is a
top notch seller.

2)  The base station antenna we use is a Diamond Model CP22E It's a 2 meter
5/8 wave vertical antenna and the price at Ham Radio Outlet is $54.95
They have been giving them to us for $46.95 if we mention that it's for
the LDS Church Emergency Communications Group. Mark is the manager of
the Oakland HRO and he is the person that I talk to for the discount.
They have a toll free number in Oakland which is 877-892-1745

3)  Richard, AI6RW, put together a High Power AI6RW End Fed Antenna.  Below is the URL containing Roger's construction notes and pictures of the antenna. 


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