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I believe I recall someone bringing up the topic of electric generators at the ERC conference and that some ham group had evaluated a collection of them and found a clear winner as far as capability and absense of RFI. I believe it was a Honda. Can anyone cite that reference and post any more details?

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I remember this coming up in the meeting too and unfortunately I can’t remember any details. I can share with you my limited experience. The Hondas are VERY nice and popular with the HAM I know. At field day they are almost all you see. They are very quiet and I think that is one of the main reasons they are popular. On the other hand they are very expensive watt for watt when compared to other brands and more conventional designs with open frames. I have a 13000kw generator that is very loud, but it cost a 2/3 of a Honda and makes 6 times the power.That said If All I used it for was ecomms I would sell it and get a Honda.

Hope that helps some.




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