Emergency Response Communications

Emergency Response Communications

    This site is dedicated to the advancement of Emergency Response Communications (ERC) for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It is maintained by Dennis Bartholomew, AF6TR. the former ERC Coordinator for northern California and western Nevada, (or NorCal).  I, Dennis Bartholomew, am responsible for its content.  The Church is not responsible for its content.  I will continue to maintain this site until further notice.

     I have been released from the assignment as NorCal Emergency Communications Coordinator and Wally Jukes, K6LDS has been called.  We have a new web site at http://www.norcalerc.org which will allow more content and be better maintained.  It is up and running with minimal information.  We will add information as time permits.  If you wish to contact Wally, his email is wnjukes@gmail.com    The goal of this site is to promote all ERC related issues, provide a place to share information, and allow anyone to share information that will be of benefit to others.

     One last, but important piece of information - In the event of an emergency, please use the following frequencies to make initial contact with the Sacramento Storehouse.

    2 Meters - 147.405 Simplex (We will not rely on repeaters.)

    40 Meters - 7.178 LSB

    75 Meters -  3.878 LSB


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